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ITD Print Solutions continues the Rhinotek® brand tradition, working tirelessly to maintain our industry-leading line of compatible laser toner cartridges. The original Rhinotek® brand of monochrome and color toner cartridges is manufactured to exact specifications, providing both high quality and significant savings to our customers. Over its 30+ year history, the Rhinotek® brand has evolved to become the only branded, industry-leading, OEM compatible toner on the market.

Rigorous Quality Control protocols assure our cartridges meet and/or exceed OEM performance…

and the exacting standards our customers have come to expect from the Rhinotek® brand. Of course, no one can claim their products are 100% infallible. That’s why ITD Print Solutions is proud to offer one of the best warranty policies in the compatible industry. We back our Rhinotek® products with a 1-year limited warranty. Unlike so many other compatible cartridges, Rhinotek® cartridges are Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant, and fully comply with all patent laws. Check our Warranty Page for further details.

Our customers mean the world to us.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, you’ll always have a personal Account Executive to assist you. And we don’t service just one type of client. Our extensive list of customers includes school districts, hospitals, government agencies, military installations, large corporations and chains, and small businesses. Our mission is to help our customers – large and small – save money without sacrificing quality.

Preserve. Promote. Protect.

ITD Print Solutions takes environmental responsibility seriously. We promote sustainable use of resources and preservation of our landfills through our recycling program. In addition, we also support the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy for their tremendous efforts in preserving and protecting one of our world’s treasured natural resources…the Black Rhino.

Know the difference in Compatible Cartridges

Don’t be fooled by bargain brands! Most use cheap components that typically don’t produce optimal results. Or worse, may damage your printer. Many don’t offer a recycling program. Many “bargain” toner cartridges violate OEM patents, and that could void your printer warranty.

We invest extensive R&D (Research & Development) into every Rhinotek® and IBM® cartridge we sell. Our cartridges offer greater consistency in performance, coverage, color richness, and overall commitment to quality.

ITD Print Solutions stands behind its products. Whether you buy Rhinotek® or IBM® brand toner cartridges, your production output is assured by one of the best warranties in the industry.

What is the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy?


Formed in 1995, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is located in northern Kenya, and home to “Big 5” wildlife including the rare and endangered Black Rhino. Comprised partly by the Ngare Ndare Forest and covering over 62,000


acres (250 km2), the sanctuary protects over 12% of Kenya's black rhino population acres (250 km2), the sanctuaryprotects over 12% of Kenya’s black rhino population.

As recently as 1984, there were only 15 recorded black rhinos in existence. The Lewa Conservancy was instrumental in the repopulation of rhinos in East Africa. Not only did the Conservancy successfully reintroduce existing herds back into long uninhabited areas, they also reintroduced herds to new (and secure) habitats. Thanks to conservation efforts, and poaching bans, the population has increased to approximately 5000.

Black rhinos continue to face two enormous obstacles. South Africa’s recent lift of their ban on the rhino horn trade has revived poaching atrocities. Rhino horn fetches a hefty price on the black market, which is driving poaching to ever increasing levels. In addition to this renewed threat, space and security are at a premium. Even with Africa’s land mass, Rhinos need large (and safe) habitats to thrive. It is this security that presents the greatest obstacle to overcome.

According to the Kenya Black Rhino Strategic and Management Plan, six strategic objectives aim to improve conditions for the Black Rhino. Receiving greatest priority are security and expansion of the rhino habitat. In keeping with this plan, Lewa took up the mantle, moving 11 black rhinos to the neighboring Borana Conservancy, effectively taking the rhinos home, where they’d long been absent.